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Upgrade your Crete holidays: stay in villas with less to pay

Believe it or not, choosing Crete holidays does not necessarily mean staying in a hotel or buying a package holiday from a tour operator. Nowadays it is possible to rent villas even if you are just a couple. Even more … Read More

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Villas in Crete: how to save money on your booking costs.

There are now more than two thousand villas in Crete with pool for rent. The island of Crete started to rent villas as early as in the mid 80’s, well before the advent of Airbnb and all the other rental … Read More

villas in crete

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Villas in Crete: how to save 40% + on your booking cost. The purpose of writing this is to introduce villas in Crete as a much better and cheaper accommodation option than hotels; also, I want to show you a … Read More

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